Find A Lost Camera?

Email four of the best, most visually appealing and descriptive photos from your found camera to:

orphanpictures (at)

Please include as many details as you can -- such as the time you found the camera, where you found it, and anything else you may find important that can help track down the owners.

Please include with your submission:

  • A valid and regularly checked email address
  • A phone number where you can be reached
Your information will never be given out to any third party. Having as much contact information as possible helps put you and the camera's owner in touch as soon as possible. If at any time your contact information changes, please update IFYC with the changes.


I Found Your Camera receives dozens of submissions every week. The blog is updated every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. But because of a backlog of pictures, your submission may not appear right away. It will be posted as IFYC staff work their way down the list.


I Found Your Camera does not digitally manipulate any photos submitted. Photos are posted in their raw format and are only rescaled to upload onto the blog. File names are changed for organizational purposes, and sometimes contain easter eggs.