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I was living in a shared house a while ago and found a suitcase of photos that was due to be thrown out as no one knew whos
it was. I rescued it and held onto it for a year, then decided to post some scans on the net. In about 12 hours I had someone call me and tell me they knew the person in the photos and at about 8pm the same day I handed over the box of photos.

20 years on, and I managed to find the owner in half a day.



ksklein said...

it is very exciting to find personal stuff of others. so far i haven´t been lucky, but i love searching through attics of lone houses.

kim said...

This reminds me of Amelie

izitjo said...

I love that! I bet that person was thankful.

Anonymous said...

I found a Year Book for the class of 1932, found the owner, and he gave it to his wife on their 65th wedding Anniversary.

pdesigner said...

My friend found a couple photo albums that were thrown out, they were from the 60's or 70's with everything from a wedding to dinner parties. For each of her friend's birthday's she takes a photo and makes a card with a humorous caption. They are so original and everyone loves them. It is so much more personal than the kind you can buy

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