"We found this in Normandy Beach, NJ. The last picture on the memory card is from the night it was lost (August 23). We would really like to return the memory stick to its owners!"

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Anonymous said...

Why not contact the company shown on the women's badges (Ellen & Michelle)? Trizetto - they have a website - trizetto.com.

Anonymous said...

I did a little checking on TriZetto. They're a pretty large company, so I doubt you could just call them and ask for Michelle or Ellen. I think Michelle is the same woman with the two kids in the skiing picture (unless she's the one with the camera). It's possible that the camera belongs to the spouse of the mother in the ski pictures and that neither Michelle nor Ellen has anything to do with the kids in the other pictures.

Regardless, those mountains are definitely not in New Jersey. They look like the Rockies, and according to their website, TriZetto has a regional office in Greenwood Village, CO. I couldn't get a good read on their lift passes, though. Also, if the photo's date is correct, those kids were out skiing on a Wednesday in February, which I'm pretty sure is not a school holiday. Home-schooled or playing hooky? You decide.

-Eric C.

Anonymous said...

From looking at the pictures and searching TriZetto's website I think the names are Ellen Fyock and Michelle Perkins. I've tried to reach both but the emails just bounce back and Google doesn't give me any other leads that work. Hopefully someone that knows them will see this.

Anonymous said...

Wow guys! Thanks so much for your help. I would love to return these pictures to their owners. There are so many wonderful ones. I'm going to search the pictures more carefully and check to see if there are any more clues leading to this mystery family (there's about 200 pictures on the stick!).

Also, i have a correction. We didn't find the camera - just the memory stick.

- Christie & Mike

I Found Your Camera said...

Haha I can't help but smile when I find out the lengths that some of you are going through to help out. It's really great and inspiring to see, thank you very much.

Christie and Mike-
I edited the details, sorry about that!

- Matt

Anonymous said...

Yeah Matt, to me it's like a puzzle that I want to solve and help people get their pictures back. I know if I lost my pictures/camera I would want the same thing for me. I'm the same person who posted 3 above. It took me sometime to find those names and even comparing pictures to make sure the people are the same. Hopefully someone at TriZetto will see this and find the owners.

Anonymous said...

take a look at this.

i think the ellen fyock here looks like the same person, but my boyfriend disagrees.
its from rutgers, which is NJ, and there is an ellen fyock listed in trenton.
she doesnt necessarily have to work for trizetto. the name is on the badge holder, they may have just sponsored a conference or something.

Anonymous said...


oops. URL got cut off

Anonymous said...

hmm... the two Ellen's do have similar qualities. I wonder if they are the same person.

From looking at a few of the other pictures on the memory stick, I have learned that their daughter's (?) name is Josephine Roche. She is also on a soccer team called the Maroons Soccer Club.


I found a website - http://www.maroonssc.org/

I'm going to check this out and perhaps email someone. I'll let everyone know what happens.

- Christie & Mike

Anonymous said...

sorry, i can't post the picture of them in their soccer uniforms. I tried.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news everybody! Through contacting the soccer team, I have gotten a hold of the owner of the pictures! I'm going to return the card to her ASAP.

Thanks so much for all of your help. I don't think of I would have had as much motivation to do this without your encouragement.

I'm so happy that I can return memories to such a wonderful family. Thanks again.

- Christie

heather said...

another job well done :)
it's great to read these success stories, and imagine that all-over tingling rush of surprise, wonder and excitement that the person on the other end must be feeling. it makes my day just a little bit happier to know that things are returning to their rightful places!

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