Thank you:

To everyone who has submitted in lost photos that they have found; everyone who has emailed and shared their lost camera stories; and everyone who has passed this website along to their friends and have made it a place to frequent. It is because of your help that this project is a success. Thank you for your continued and overwhelming support!

We continue to look forward to your submissions and your stories, and hope that one day, if you have lost a camera, that we are able to help return your memories back to you.

All the best,

Matt and Frank


Courtney King said...

Congrats on getting in the news! Don't listen to that lady though. I'm sure she means well, but the pictures are already lost - you shouldn't be held responsible for what people should/shouldn't be doing in them. I'd much rather get my camera back than lose the memories!!
Keep up the awesome work <3

Anonymous said...

Great idea, man. Keep up the good work. (BTW, what was the music in the video?)

I Found Your Camera said...

Thank you very much!

The music in the video is:

"Your Hand In Mine" performed by Explosions in the Sky.

Anonymous said...

Is it only me that really likes his voice? =/

Bluefish said...

I lost my camera in Copenhagen along with beautiful memories with my future in-laws and my fiance. I hope whoever took that camera will return my memory card. Any chance this blog goes international?

avrakedava said...

great job, guys!! I'll put you in my blog roll, looking forward to loads of success stories:)

Robyns said...

What a lovely and thoughtful project. It's really touching that people are willing to take the time to return lost memories. It gives me that much more faith in people! Thank you!

.g. said...

I love this project and love how it has taken off in only a week! i hope that my lost photos show up here some day. lost on a beach in italy about two years ago.

this whole idea of returning memories makes me smile.

Natasia said...

~I just wanted to say this is a great website! I'll tell you a story my mom told me. She is a Doctor and back in the day it was rarer to find women doctors. She had a role model who was also a female doctor and my mother sat down with her role model one day to ask her a question that had been weighing heavy on her mind. My mother asked, "If you could go back and do anything all over again, what would it be." And the lady said, "Take more pictures."

Since then my mom has never put the camera down and hordes pictures MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGE. But as much as I would like to rag on her for doing it-- I am so unbelievable thankful she has "captured" all those memories. What you are doing is not only give back a possession-- you are giving back a memory. A solid document memory that will let you relive it in full color if returned to their owner. Pictures will mean more to us in 2025 than we know. We will forget names, we will forget times, but with pictures we will remember how we felt and that is precious~

maryinmississippi said...

I think what you're doing is great. I never lost a camera, but years ago, I did send off a roll of film through the mail to be developed. When the company (Clark Photo Co.) sent the developed pictures back in their envelope through the mail, the envelope I received was torn and all the pictures were gone. They were pictures of my mother, who is now deceased, my sister, her daughter, and her daughter's brand-new baby - four generations. I have always wished so much that I could see those pictures, especially since my mom died. I can't imagine anyone not being grateful for what you're doing.

Katelyn said...

Frank and Matt-
In the first post secret book, Frank published one of my secrets. It was the one about putting pictures I find in an album. I have 4 years worth of pictures, and am so excited to start posting them here

Autumn said...

HOORAY!!! I'm going to pass this on!! I hope someone finds my Mother's camera on the Great Wall of China and hears about your site. THANK YOU for your work!

Kristin said...

As a fellow Winnipeger, I just wanted to congratulate you on this fantastic idea! What a wonderful concept to re-unite people with their lost memories. I wish you much success with this blog - keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

You are obviously a good hearted person meaning well with this project and I commend you for the effort. I think you really need to stop and think though, about the impact you may have on lives by publishing photographs of people's private lives. Try and imagine the following scenario, one out of many which could happen:

An abused wife lives with her violent husband who threatens to kill her and the kids if she ever left him. She is unhappy and wants out of the relationship but feels trapped.

One day she meets a really sweet man who gives her the love and understanding she needs. They start to see each other and fall deeply in love. At some point they take photos of themselves together and end up losing the camera.

These photos are published here, photos which seem "nice and innocent" enough, but with a whole underlying story hidden. The abusive husband sees them and flips, going on a murderous rampage the next day.

This may seem a little dramatic and unlikely, but domestic violence happens every day and the scenario is still possible.

This is merely one scenario out of many which could truly change someone's life for the worse. Please go through all the possibilities in your mind and reconsider.

If you want to help people find their lost cameras, why not instead post a picture of the camera itself and describe the photos "fairground pictures" within. It serves the same purpose and doesn't step on anyone's privacy.

Anonymous said...

To the person above me:

I think all privacy is gone when you lost your camera. If you are commiting adultery, that's your own fault.

how is the creator of this blog responsible for other people's actions? They are not. If people want to take pictures of things they shouldn't be doing, then they shouldn't take those pictures in the 1st place.

Anonymous said...

A follow up thought from one of your anonymous readers.

I am SO very supportive of your GREAT idea. I am in love with reuniting lost pictures with their owners. I've already linked you and have encouraged others to do the same.

And the anonymous commenter makes a REALLY great point. I hate to add to the concern because this must be such a thrill for you to make so many so happy. The potential has to be so exciting for you-and many picture takers who have lost their cameras! And others who haven't lost their pictures (like me) but love anyone who is doing a good work for others.

I do think its worth following up though with a few thoughts even if it might take a bit of wind out of your sail temporarily. In addition to the many hot heads who can't control their tempers and impulses, there are also other sickos (peds) that might find some way into this. (Claiming pics of kids to be theirs, etc, etc...(A sad truth but these sickos also go to great lengths...) AND, probably others who would go to great extents to try to find "free" cameras, flash drives, etc.

Surely you've thought about ways to safeguard this and fool proof the system. I imagine in time your site will boom in popularity and you'll have to hire an entire staff to keep up your good work.

Removing pictures would make your blog a LOT less interesting to look at. A LOT. Pictures are of course what most people find interesting, not text. And yet, if the purpose is to reunite cameras with their owners, they'd still probably be able to do that with other options. Maybe some of these.

-very thorough descriptions of the photos. I know, not very interesting.

-distorted images? I know that there HAS to be free software that would allow you to blur, fuzz, darken greatly or mess with the colors enough that faces might not be as clear, but the idea gets across. (Picasa is so easy to use-and free- and you could do it with this.)

-putting something over faces?

-only using part of the photo?

I don't know. I hope you'll find a way to make it safe and fun for everyone. Thanks again!

Micah said...

I know it's a long shot, but I have to try. In May of 2000 my mother left her purse in a McDonalds in Denver. In the purse were all of my graduation rolls of film along with all of my gift cards and money. I only care about the film. If anyone might have that, it would mean the world to me to get it back. I never thought that I would have the chance.

Cartophiliac said...

I'm sorry but that CBC correspondent was totally not getting the point.

I think she is worried that the photos of her own infidelities might get posted online?

Well, she shouldn't have been fooling around AND documenting it!

Anonymous said...

Okay. True about adultery-and documenting it-I couldn't be ANY more opposed to that craziness. But as others pointed out, there are other things to consider.

Love your idea though.

Anonymous said...

I took a trip to Europe several years ago with some classmates. At some point I lost a memory card with half my pictures. I'd been home for a while when I found out my father had recently had an affair with the mother of one of the girls on my trip. She was in many of my pictures. I would love to have the pictures back, but I would not want my family to see them, because there are too many bad memories associated with them.

Thomas said...

I'm a photographer, though I have never lost my camera (yet)!

I love this website and the idea behind it. Please accept a link to your site from mine, with my thanks.

Thomas :)

Anonymous said...

i love it that you created this website. i lost my camera about a year ago. my mom and i went to the grand canyon for the 1st time for x-mas. i lost the camera. my mom was REALLY sad about it. i hope who ever found it would send me the pictures...i really don't care about the camera... its the memories that i care for.
thank you =DD

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! When I was in high school, a photographer came and took my picture for a magazine article. I always carried a disposable camera with me, and took some photos of me with him. That week, my purse was stolen with the camera inside. I knew I'd never get the chance to see that photographer again, but I'd love to see the pictures! I'm adding this site to my Sundays to go with postsecret!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! When I was in high school, a photographer came and took my picture for a magazine article. I always carried a disposable camera with me, and took some photos of me with him. That week, my purse was stolen with the camera inside. I knew I'd never get the chance to see that photographer again, but I'd love to see the pictures! I'm adding this site to my Sundays to go with postsecret!

Lydia said...

I'm so excited about this site...

Six years ago my best friend lost a disposable camera from a weekend in Maryville Missouri. For the next four years everytime she'd visit me, we'd wonder who'd stumbled upon our memories of that weekend.

I hope someone did. And I hope they are kind enough to email those pictures to you.

I'll keep checking back here, with my fingers crossed, hoping they show up.

Awesome idea!

falwyn said...

I think this is a wonderful, inspiring site. Keep up the good work.

Barrett said...

Anyone know what the song is that's playing in the background of the video? Thanks

Tim said...

Check out the third post in these comments. :P

Anonymous said...

Wow this is such a nice thing to do. I have been looking at all the photos and I had a thought about things to do before you lose your camera. This may be redundant but here goes. People should take a picture of their name and address printed on something. Maybe even their phone number and email address. If I ever found a camera I would try hard to get it back to its owner. I put one of my return address labels on the inside of the battery compartment of my phone. It might help if I lose my phone. I hope you continue to help many photos get home. Thank you for your website.

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