"I found this SD card at the country club where I work. There was a cheerleading banquet for HVHS in the Roanoke/Salem, VA area. The card was found on the floor and obviously belongs to one of the cheerleaders. The club manager left before the banquet finished, but I will be giving the card to management in case the owner sees this."


"As I feared, the girl hasn't called to see if anyone found it. There are pictures of them after winning a cheerleading event, so I figure the owner might miss the card!"


Anne said...

Your message makes it sound like you are already in Roanoke? If so, why not just call Hidden Valley High School(HVHS)and leave a message for the cheerleading director? My brother's kids used to attend school in Hidden Vally and it's not such a big school district that you would have any problems locating the girls.

Who said...

I couldn't stand it, I looked up the high school online and emailed their cheerleading coach! Let's see if they respond, cross your fingers!

Alena said...

Honestly, I didn't think about it, or I would have! My first instinct was to turn it in.. also, having just run across this site, my first thought was posting the pictures here.

Anyway, I'm just glad the card and its owner will be reuinited.

Who said...

Guess what!! I got a response from the coach and she knew the students! She's calling them today to let them know!

Anonymous said...

cute girls.

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