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Date: May 6, 2008 10:21:44 PM
To: orphanpictures@gmail.com
Subject: Found pictures


I found these pictures on a powerpoint presentation all about Steve Kilfeather. The powerpoint was on a flashdrive. I can't find Steve Kilfeather, but I think he is from Newcastle, according to the powerpoint.

- Christine


DeeAnne said...

The Sligo (Ireland) Surfer?


Mberenis said...

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silvergirl said...

i don't have a clue who or where this Steve Kilfeather person is, but i must say that i am quite envious of his name. Hope these get returned!

Viv said...

There's a guy with that name listed here:


However, he's not listed in the online phone books I've found. If anyone from Newcastle reads this, they could check if there's a Mr. Kilfeather in the phone book there...

Alicia said...

There's Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapist near Newcastle Thomas Stephen Kilfeather LAPHP
Middleton Tyas; W Yorks
Tel: 01325 359021

don't know if it's him

WhiteCrow said...

Do you mean Newcastle, England?
Newcastle, Washington USA?

Anonymous said...

I am willing to believe it's from NewCastle england because of the phone number.

Lauren said...

I think he is Stephen Kilfeather, the current CEO of Aeirtec, in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. (Thanks, Google.) If someone is a paid subscriber to LinkedIn (I'm not), it looks like he can be contacted that way. There's also a main number for Aeirtec on their website.

rosie copsey said...


Peter (the son) Stephen (the dad) Niamh (the girl). I think the chinese lady is possibly stephens wife?

I'll be able to get it back to them!

my email is rosie_copsey@hotmail.com.

Send me an email asap.

Stephen said...

Christine, Thankyou, I am the Steve Kilfeather in the pictures. Newcastle, UK: +44 (0)191 243 8297 (The Aeirtec website telephone number has just changed) email: aeirtec@googlemail.com. Also Rosie does know us. So well done for you entering this on the website and for Rosie for spotting it. The guy with his arm around me in the picture by the sea is Peter Elliott of a company called Sirtris in Boston. The picture was taken on the coast north of Boston. He recently gave a 'speech' about me (the subject of the presentation on the flash drive). The flash drive is his. So the quick route is to send it to him at Sirtris (617-252-6920). So, Deeanne, I am not the surfer from Sligo in Ireland, but by another strange coincidence my Grandfather, Thomas, came from Sligo in Ireland, where the name Kilfeather is common and hence I have the same name as the surfer. Thankyou again Christine.

ignogravo said...

I know Peter and Niamh Kilfeather. They are my two children. Their father (my ex husband)and the Chinese lady (Elaine Lee) alway had a very close relationship and this picture which was taken just a short time after the seperation confirms the depth of their relationship. thank u rosie

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