"I found these pictures on a Sony memory card in early 2007 at the Cologne/Bonn airport in Germany. They were taken from September to October 2006.

I have more than 150 pictures with a lot of different people on it. Hope
somebody recognizes anyone."


Anonymous said...

The bottom picture looks like Ladbroke Grove tube station in west London, see here the information point in the r/h corner is almost identical


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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begutierrez said...

I just love the top picture. It's perfect. Makes me think of summer, beach, friends and music. I LOVE IT. such inspiration, i hope it founds its owner.

Anonymous said...

This railway station looks like almost every railway station in Germany, just like the Ladbroke Grove... but it really looks even more similar, if you look on the roof and the white things above the windows.

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