When Peter Mackay visited the Louvre on April 9th, he sat down outside the Mona Lisa gallery for a rest.

Noticing that tourists entering the room would glance up in wonder at the ornate ceiling eighty feet above, he aimed his camera on the doorway and waited. This photograph is the result.

Now Peter is searching for the lady in the photograph. "She should have a copy for herself," he says, "because it seems like a special moment for her. Young, beautiful, looking at Paris with eyes of delight."

He has set up a Facebook group, where the photograph and associated images are displayed. If you can help, visit the group at "Looking for Mona Lisa".

"I don't need to contact her," says Peter. "It would be enough to know that she's seen the photograph, and I've put a smile on her face."


Abby goes to Denmark! said...

I love this picture, idea, everything!

I hope someone recognizes her...

kyle said...

I'm not her, but it is a beautiful, beautiful picture -- also, seconding everything said by "abby goes to denmark!"

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