"In March of 2008, while walking under the Berwyn elevated viaduct near Broadway in Chicago, I found a completely smashed Sony camera with four working memory cards. Because it was so badly crushed, I discarded the camera because it would have been impossible to repair.

Someone will surely appreciate the return of these lost images and I want to be sure they are returned to the correct person."


Anonymous said...

I know where the church photo was taken... Old St. Patrick's (700 W Adams) in Chicago. I'm sure if you get in contact with the church, they might know who the people are.

Anonymous said...

Betty O’Toole at Old St. Patrick's is the contact person for baptisms. Her phone number is 312.798.2366. Maybe if you explain the situation to her and give her the date on the picture, she can figure out who it is.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if that was enough information to get the photos back to their owner?? Do you have an update for us?

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