"Camera found in 2007 at Q1 observation deck, Gold Coast, Australia. Was held for months. Appears to be a young Japanese couple. I have kept memory card."


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for people:
My family has labeled all of our digital cameras and memory cards this way. (Because cameras and memory cards can get split up - as read on this website.)
Put your first & last name on it plus your phone number with area code.
We've never lost any of our stuff for a lengthy amount of time, but if we ever did, I think we have a better chance of getting it back.
Hope this idea helps others.

P.S. It's not a bad idea to label cell phones, MP3 players, ipods, etc. like this either.


Anonymous said...

One more tip - use a label maker & stick it on your item in a place where people are likely to look..not hidden!

Anonymous said...

I have written my email address on my memory cards and have a tiny luggage tags attached to my camera because of this site

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