"Hi - we were at the Great Clips salon in Bel Air (37th & Woodlawn Wichita, KS) a few weeks ago waiting for Grandma to get her hair cut, when my son found a camera memory card on the floor. No one in the store knew whose card it was.

It is a SanDisk Memory Stick Pro 2.0 GB - it has 19 photos."


J.Beadles said...

Hey, you know what? We found the owners! I had uploaded this and one or two of the others (the same ones I sent you) and sent them to several of the local newspaper reporters for the Wichita Eagle (www.kansas.com). One of the reporters apparently could relate to losing things and she ran this photo in the newspaper, asking if anyone knew the woman and/or the children, to contact her. Well, the MOTHER of this woman called her immediately - seems this woman's mother works for the dentist office that the reporter goes to. Then the mother said that the photo was taken by the girl's friend, and the baby in the photo belongs to the woman in the photo. The little boy in the photo is the son of the woman who took the picture (and who owned the camera memory card).

So we got their names all identified and I eventually got the email and later the cell phone of the woman taking the photo who owned the card, and they were all thrilled to have their day of fame as a published photograph, and the owner now has her memory card back!!


But I am SOOO keeping up with this website...(I still haven't found my own memory card for my cellphone!).

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