"This isn't a found camera as much as it is lost people. I took this picture for a couple at the 2007 Final Four in Atlanta. They gave me their business card to email it to them, but I lost it. I just came across the picture and thought I'd send it in to you in case anyone knows them."


Anonymous said...

You may try looking for a craigslist or similar online group for Central Illinois, maybe they drove there for the game?

Gib said...

Hey - that's us! Thanks for posting this - I remember taking the picture, but don't remember why we didn't use our own camera. (We took a picture by the U of I sign because my wife is an alum.)

Thanks for posting this - I hope you had fun at the Final Four! (Although, for some reason, I don't recall you being Gator fans, but I hope it was fun anyway.)

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