"I bought some picture frames at a church thrift sale, summer of 2008. I found six pictures inside one of the frames. I thought they were stock photography, but they've got things written on the back of them and are indeed someone's own photographs. Some are dated in the 80's. I hope to find whomever they belong to!"


Becky said...

I googled one of the names on the xmas photo...looks like maybe it's the little girl in the back of the bicycle. Anywho, I found her on facebook and sent her a message w/ a link to the post. Hopefully it's her family!

Anonymous said...

Found a listing for Seaira R Kersch
Tallahassee , FL Pensacola , FL
Susan E Kersch
Thomas John Kersch

Sure you could find a listing on 411.com or zabasearch or the like.

Anonymous said...

Presumably, this is the Tom and Susan Kersch of Gulf Breeze, FL. The "Thea" could be Thea Kersch of Oviedo, FL. (all found on whitepages.com)

Of course, if the person messaged on facebook hasn't claimed the pics in 6 months, they're probably not going to ever.

Anonymous said...

Of course, this stuff might come from a painful era in Thea's life. Googling her name came up with a news article about an ax murder..

[the convicted murderer] was on a cocaine binge when he killed Kersch and attacked the victim's wife, Thea Kersch, who survived. Both were beaten in the head with the broad side of an ax.

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