----Email Message----

Hi there,

I found some photos recently on a trip through Oregon. I stumbled upon
your blog, and hoped that you could link to the post I wrote about
finding his photos:


Thanks for your help in advance!



Anonymous said...

Jason - maybe search websites like facebook and myspace for "eric moore" and see if he shows up on your search. Might be a good way to find him!

I Found Your Camera said...

could this be him?


It's a mountain climbing picture, who knows...

M Hess said...

Success!! I tried the facebook suggestion, and he got back to me. He said thanks for tracking him down and this:


wild yeah that's me. thankfully i have all those photos loaded on my laptop. i honestly didn't even know i'd lost that card. i went traveling for a long time last winter and end up with a whole ton of full chips. that one must have fallen out of my camera case or something.

on a break from work this summer my girlfriend and i went on a road trip down to california. i am from vancouver, british columbia.

are you the current holder of my chip? as we both already have all these pictures you're more than welcome to keep it.

i tried leaving a comment on the Smash Gods page but it doesn't seem to have posted properly.

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