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Subject: Mother, Baby and Doctor - Orphan Photo

Hello, I only found this one picture with no camera, but I felt it would be pretty important to it's owner and hopefully be returned.

I was walking in a Rhode Island state park near my house, along a path in the woods. I found this picture with my friend. Along with it was a nice bouquet of flowers and a pink rose. They were somewhat wilted at the time we found it

Thank You!

- Julia


Joanna said...

Hmmmm...that collection of things (photo, bouquet, single rose) sounds like something that was deliberately left in that spot for a reason. A tribute to someone in the photo, perhaps?

foobella said...

Yes, I was thinking the same thing as Joanna. I think it was meant to stay there. It seems, possibly, sadly, in memoriam?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it to me too. Sad.

rose said...

it's so pretty.

tiffany said...

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