"I found a waterlogged cell phone on a beach in Key West on March 12, 2010. It was at a hotel right down the street from the Southernmost Point in the continental United States – near Ernest Hemingway’s home. I noticed the cell phone had a chip, so I took it home and decided to soak the chip and carefully clean it, as recommended on a few web sites. I plugged it into my computer with an adapter and, lo and behold, everything came up just fine.

I have the chip and it’s pretty clean, so you could probably use it again. I hope you don’t mind, but I copied the music on the chip (Heart, Zappa, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd). Seems we have similar musical tastes.

I would love to forward it back to its rightful owner. Just let me know and I’ll drop it in the mail. Of course, no charge – but if we ever get together, you can certainly buy me a few margaritas."


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