"I heard about this website when Frank came through Mansfield, PA with PostSecret.

My dad found the SD card in the local Walmart parking lot and I immediately looked your site up. I found pictures of a person graduating from the local university, so I'm also putting some of these pictures on my Facebook since I'm friends with some people from the university. They may be able to help locate the family.
I'm sure this SD card is important to someone, somewhere.. and I would like to get it back to them ASAP."


Anonymous said...

I know this family. The lady in the back is Mrs. Gaugler (SP?) she works at the W.L. Miller Elem school in mansfield. She is a very nice lady and I know she would love to have this back!

delizabeth said...

I went to school with the boys. My husband is friends with Kirk and Kyle Lefelhoc. Mrs. gaugler is a teacher at Warren L. Miller. She would LOVE this back I am sure.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: This camera card was returned to its owner several months ago. This entry may now be removed. Thanks!

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