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To: orphanpictures@gmail.com
Subject: Thinking Ahead!‏

Because of your site, I put a little sticker on my SD Card with
'Ifoundyourcamera.net' printed on it. I hope I never do lose it, but if I do, I've got my bases covered!



Anonymous said...

I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but couldn't you just put your own email address on it?

I don't mean to be a spoilsport; I suppose it would be more fun to lose your camera, hope that the person decides to put the photos up, and find them yourself. But in terms of actually getting your photos/camera back, your best bet would be to put your own contact info on it, perhaps an email address and phone number. People have been doing this for years, and it tends to work. You'll notice that none of the people who find the photos say "There was a phone number on the card but it was disconnected" or "it had an email address on it but nobody answered".

I like this site, and I think it's doing a neat thing, but writing it's address on a camera card with the intention that its photos would end up on this site if you lost it seems to be sort of contrary to the spirit of it.

Kya said...

Good point! I think my reasoning for putting this address instead of my email/number would be that it tends to change regularly, and I figure this site might be around longer than my current contact info =P That + laziness/remembering to change the sticker if that info did change... Well, it makes sense to me =) And I know you touched on that, but this site is new, and you never know.. Someone may post pics one day from a memory card that did have old contact info.

Just for putting it on there, I figure I'm less likely to lose it now! haha

Jessie said...

Kya, I think your response was very gracious. Some people would've taken the suggestion from "anonymous" in a much different way and become defensive. Your post was a breath of fresh air!

Tracy said...

Funny, I was going to say what a great idea even though I DO have my address and phone number on my camera! I'll be adding my info to the memory cards too now seeing as they seem to be the "black box" in these situations.
You can also look at mentioning the site as a way to advertise to the finder that they too may have stuff of their own floating out in cyberspace that has already been found.

My motto - you can never give too much contact information when it comes to getting your camera back!

Anonymous said...

It can also make sense if someone finds it that didn't know about the site at all, it could help them in the future as well. Or if the sticker is hard to come off and you sell the card or something, the new owner won't be stuck with your address but something that they could use as well.

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