Found SD memory card!
Where: Calgary, Alberta
Community: Lake Bonevista
When: Summer 2007

"I know I would be crushed about losing baby photos." and would want them back.

"Funny thing... every time I considered deleting the pictures I thought, "I wish there was a web site where lost photos could be posted to reunite pictures with owners"... and you did it! I think this site is wonderful!"



a great site, I've added you to my list of AList Blogging sites to visit!
Thank you for doing this!!


Nancy Logan said...

I live in that neighborhood in this city!!! it makes me want to go find this person! I took a close look but no such luck, but now I will keep my eyes open for them!

stef said...

You really need to blur the faces of children. Nursery schools all over the country (including the one i work in) have all sorts of strict rules about this, and many MANY parents refuse to give permission for their child's image to be used. It isn't just paranoia, terrible things happen, and you can't possibly know the situation in these people's lives. For instance, there are children in my school who come back to school after the summer with new names and addresses because they are hiding from an abusive parent.

To begin with, no matter what your intentions are and no matter what good you are doing and no matter how legal it may be, this IS without a doubt an invasion of privacy and a risk, you are making a huge assumption that these people are fine with having their photos (whose rights they OWN) and their identities (which are very personal) put on public display. I know you won't remove the site, but the least you need to do is conceal the identity of small children, God forbid something should happen you don't want that on your head.

Anonymous said...

Stef,your a idiot. Quit trying to be P.C. The whole point of the website is to help people find their lost pictures. I think the chance of someone hurting someones kid because of a picture they found on the net is not going to happen.And as for kids coming back to school with a different name,you cant do that unless your in the witness protection program.Whats the point of changing your kids name if they are going back to the same school?

Anonymous said...

Stef is probably one of the people who panicked and fell for the whole Y2K thing,if she was old enough.Go vote for Obama,you P.C. moron.

Anonymous said...

haha I couldn't have said it better myself. And the fact that it would be a pretty damn hard for a stalker or someone to find these children since even we have no idea who they are.
And as for abusive parents, 1. I'm a teenagers and I have NEVER heard of this type of thing happening to the extent of kids having to change their names. And the people in all of these pictures seem so happy! If it really comes down to it, they can request to have the photos taken down and I'm sure the person in charge of the site would comply.

Anonymous said...

jeez way to be all passionately against someone with a completely valid point: that you can't know a person's situation by one picture you find. get lives, folks. your precious month-old blog isn't gonna disappear just because some chick is concerned about little kids. don't worry, you'll still have something to blog about while you sit in your mom's basement wishing your life was more interesting

Anonymous said...

i forgot abused kids aren't allowed to look happy in pictures, and that being concerned about the consequences of an ***otherwise cool site*** to people who don't give consent means i'm an idiot who should vote for obama. and who hunkered down in a y2k shelter lol. which, if i wasn't old enough to do, would mean i was maybe 8 years old now. that completely makes sense, my bad, i dont know whaaaaaat i was thinking, posting something logical that you might play devil's advocate with.

also, you can change your name whenever you want in court, stop watching law and order. and there's a difference between being P.C. and safety-conscious, actually the 2 have almost nothing to do with one another if you'd stop to think about it, but why do that?

"I'm a teenagers and I have NEVER heard of this type of thing happening to the extent of kids having to change their names. And the people in all of these pictures seem so happy!" That just speaks for itself. Being a 'teenagers' does indeed make you an advocate for abused children. I'm sure you can trump my 15 years of social service with your knowledge of, like, what happened at the goddard school your bff jill worked at after school tuesdays and thursdays

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked the picture framed on the mantle? Maybe someone can recognize them? If not the people in the pic

Anonymous said...

stef is an idiot and if it was witness protection they wouldn't go back to the same school they relocate. and if the person blurred out all of the faces it would make it impossible for others to tell them that someone found their camera.

If someone is going to go molest their kids from this pictures they are better detectives than me.

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