"I found a Canon camera while walking along the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. The pictures are from 16 July - 27 July, 2006. I just found it this summer."

"The camera is not functional, but the memory card has two folders full of pictures. I think that it must belong to a US Marine. I'm a little confused about the story the pictures tell. But, I think it is a ship leaving a foreign port and bringing troops home."

"There are some family/civilian shots and what seems like a party at the end...tell me what the girl has with her in the shopping cart and I'll know it's your camera!"


Akinoluna - a female Marine said...

Is that the biggest resolution you have? Because if there's a bigger version, I would be able to read the names on their uniforms.

Tangerine said...

I was thinking the same thing. If the name tapes can be read, and their rank seen a little clearer, it might not be that hard to find them.

my google acct said...

I did try to read the uniforms and the name of a passing ship, but no luck. There is one picture of a pair of goggles w/the name "Travis" written on the strap in black marker.

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