"I have a photo of a couple adopting a girl from China, the photo was taken in Xian on the 27th of 2008. I interned at the orphanage she was from.

I would love to send them photos of their daughter before they adopted her.I know they'd very much appreciate knowing a bit more about their baby.

Attached is their photo, and a short video of WangBoNing with her foster parents should you find that appropriate in locating her and her parents.



Julie said...

Thanks for posting this! I am a mom with two beautiful adopted girls from Chenzhou Hunan and YiYang Hunan. I know that I would want this if it were me especially the video.

I have posted a link to this post on two major Chinese adoption groups hoping that someone will recognize them.

Sandi said...

I recognize this family. I've been following their blog ever since they adopted their little girl. I've posted a comment on their blog with this website so hopefully they'll be in touch soon.

LID 3/27/2006

The Gang's All Here! said...

That is my daughter. Can you please pm me, via my blog? Thank you.

Joan said...

Thank you all for posting comments on this, Thank you Matthew for posting this!

I'm very pleased to find Wang Bo Ning again!


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