"I found a Canon IXUS 400 digital camera at the top of Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral) in Florence, Italy on Friday April 22, 2005.

The camera had several pictures of two young men and one young woman. The trio traveled from Paris to Rome to Pompei to Florence.

I saved all the pictures from the memory card, but let a friend that was with me keep and use the camera after we found a compatible battery charger."


Anonymous said...

I find it odd when people post on here that they found a camera but gave it away or decided to keep it...I don't really think that's the proper thing to do. In the case of this post, why didn't you turn the camera in? Maybe the folks came looking for it later.

Id said...
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Id said...

I'll admit, there have been times that I felt uncomfortable turning something in that I found and instead left my contact information. But yeah, the phrasing of this poster lends me to believe he has no intent on returning the camera if someone claimed it... which is part of the point of this site.

Anonymous said...

Gee, give me a break. My posting was edited. I tried several ways to return the camera to a "lost and found" in Italy. This is what was edited out:

"We planned to turn the camera into 'lost and found' after we descended the ~400 steps or so at the cathedral, but we forgot. Only after we returned to Rome did we realize we still had the camera."

"I tried to send the serial number to Canon UK, since it was a British model of the camera, but they suggested we try to contact the Florence police department. I tried sending an E-mail to the Florence police on Apr 30, 2005, but they never replied."

I didn't need a camera -- I already had more megapixels than the camera found. I never used the camera. Am I supposed to keep it forever when there doesn't seem any way to find the orignal owners?

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