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Subject: I wonder what's her name..

I was out on a photography trip taking photos of Singapore and by the water fountain I came across this little girl playing. I was playing with her making some faces and she responded by making faces back.

When I got home and loaded the photos onto my comp, I found the best photo that I've ever took.

I thought she might want to have a copy if anyone she knows comes across this site.




Jessica said...

cutest picture ever
she reminds me of my cousin
looks alot like her
but i dont think theyve ever been to singapore

Miss Informed said...

this picture is amazing!

A said...

Hey there!
I lived in Singapore a few years ago. Though unlikely, the girl may be me/someone I know or knew there. If the owner of the picture could tell me when it was taken I'll try & do my best to help! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous photograph, and I teach photography at a high school. Nice job!

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