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Date: November 29, 2008 2:13:41 AM
Subject: your blog

I lost my camera in 2006 in Germany. Although I think it is long gone, I would still love to stumble across a picture of mine one day.

As most people who have lost a camera might say, it isn't really a big deal to lose the camera. The big deal is losing all the memories that are inside it.



Anonymous said...

I agree. I "lost" (had stolen) a Sony Mavica in London in 2001. The camera is so old to be nearly useless now but I certainly would love to find the pictures of my mother and sisters in London. "Lost" a gold charm necklace at Spanish Church same day. Despite the losses, the memories of that trip with my family will live on. Nancy

Julia said...

Me too! I lost my camera at the airport in Munich in 2006 when coming back from my first( and only) trip to Australia and NewZealand! I was just looking through this website hoping to find some of my photos, but no luck yet.
Hope you do find yours!

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