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Subject: Found Photo

I received a box of picture frames from Freecycle. One of the frames had this picture in it. I contacted the person I got the frames from and told her that one of them still had a photo in it and asked if she wanted it back. She told me there was no need to return it. I didn't ask why but I didnt want to just toss it out.

If anyone knows who the man in the picture is please let me know. The bottom right hand of the mat says "Rogers Studios." The only thing written on back is the letter "J" but it looks like it may have been written by the studio where the picture was taken.


Anonymous said...

aw, jeez. i'm such a sucker for these old shots. wonder if this guy is still around?

Anonymous said...

hey i live in a town with rogers photos which has been aorund since the 20's!!! However, I'm from Somerset, Ky. My email is texas_alaska@hotmail.com. Maybe I could help you find the owner if you knew where the person you bought the box from was from. Thanks...melissa

cajunsis said...


Great place to share old photos like this and find ancestors :-)

Good luck - someone loves him - I just know it.

Luis G. said...

He reminds me to Ross Geller, the one from Friends. I hope you find who is this guy.

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