"I found a black soft camera case on the sidewalk at Rockefeller Center on Mar. 19, 2009. Inside was an Apacer memory card with about 250 photos. I think the owner is an Italian woman named Isabella. The photos show many people, some special events, and some beautiful tropical vacation shots. I would like to return this to the owner."


Marco said...

It seems like that 2nd photo was taken in Elba Isle, Tuscany. Maybe the small isle painted in the pic is the old penitentiary in Pianosa.
There is an holiday place called:
Casa per le vacanze "Casa Riccardo"
Elba, La Trappola
57031 Isola D'Elba (Elba)

See this link for further infos:

Casa Riccardo - Elba - Insel Elba Casa per le vacanze

Any help, contact me

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