"I found a Kodak 256MB SD card about twenty minutes east of Chattanooga. This memory card is full of photos of someone's children or grandchildren. There are Boy Scout meetings, birthday and party cakes, karate classes, Christmas morning photos, a jewelry gift/marriage proposal, a trip to Disneyworld, and many miscellaneous shots.

These boys have obviously had quite a busy and adventurous childhood, and I'm sure their family would like to have this card back."


Anonymous said...

If you can identify the Council and Troop number, you may be able to find the owner that way.

There are guides which show what each Council's (unique) shoulder patch looks like.

Also you may be able to tell by other patches on the uniform.

--ex Boy Scout leader

c said...

My family found some family pictures. and they made a scrapbook and show everyone that comes to their home as if it's their photos.

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