Click here to read an article on IFoundYourCamera by Nancy White from the Toronto Star and learn about some of the success stories - from Toronto to California to Pennsylvania - and the lost cameras still waiting to be claimed by their owners.

These days, a forgotten digital camera means not 24 or 36 lost pictures but potentially hundreds stored on the memory card.

"The first three months of my daughter's life was on that camera," says Raechel McFarland of Fresno, California, who had left it in a rental car during a Florida vacation.

A man who later got the car tried turning in the camera to the rental company, but its agents suggested Preprost's blog. A friend of the Fresno mother spotted the posted pictures.

"I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw my photos," says McFarland, who was reunited with the camera, a treasured present from her husband.


Toronto Realtor said...

Awesome article, this website is such a great idea and I am a huge supporter of it, my friend found her camera this way and is very very grateful. Thank you for bringing the world something new and useful!

Take care, Elli

Nicole said...

Great story! This is why I read this blog.

Teena in Toronto said...

That's how I found you!

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