"I was sold a camera in Athens. It is a silver SONY Cybershot 12.1 MegaPixels, in a black case with an extra memory card. I checked the pictures on the card and there is a couple on it which appears to be attending a wedding in a hotel/restaurant called "Fysilanis Logaras" in a Greek island, probably Paros, but am not completely sure."


Tina said...

restaurant fisilanis logaras IS definately on paros...this i know, but i don't know this couple, but maybe at fisilanis they know, or remember this couple!
ask THEO FISILANIS (will find easily in facebook) if he can make the connection!

lucky couple,-- i lost my camera with all NYC holiday pictures at JFK airport, but no honest person found it!
greetings from switzerland


veventoangel said...

I don't know who are they but Very cute couple . athens greece hotels

kukuvagia said...

You are right...this was my wedding. It took place in Paros and the couple appear in the photo are my friends. The camera belongs to them....Please contact me Kostas Kourtelis kukuvagia@hotmail.com
or you can call the owner at
his name is Konstantinos Malatantis.
Thank you in advance .... much appreciate it....

veventoangel said...

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