"My boss gave me an old Kodak Duaflex camera. She bought it at a Phoenix, AZ, yard sale about 6 months ago. It had a roll of undeveloped unfinished 620 film in it, so I had it developed.

These are some of the photos that were on it - from 1980s California. Not sure the year, sometime 1983-1987, I think. The girl's hairdo is very 1986-87, but the elderly folks are wearing fashions about 10 years older than everyone else, so I cannot guess!

The owner of the camera was probably the elderly woman in several of the photos - she may have passed away by now.

It's amazing to me that these images survived, undeveloped, in this camera, for 25 years.

I wish I could find the family to give them these photos."


youarewhoyoulove said...

are there any other photos of the blonde girl? she looks amazingly similar to my mom's friend who lives in California and graduated in 1981!

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