"I found a memory card in Queens NY.... pics from a graduation.. 173 in total. If someone can tell me the type of SUV (not shown) and the name of the business that it was parked in front of I will gladly mail it to them."


Anonymous said...

Just read about this site in newspaper.

Two girls in the picture are holding plastic bags of - "FIT - State University Of New York College". This seems to be this college - http://www.fitnyc.edu/

The shop on the other side of the road reads - "Cafe 27", which is located on "Seventh ave, 27th street" in NY. Just opposit FIT.

Two girls have id-cards. The names can't be read (that would have been too easy), but someone in the area could confirm if it matches with the FIT collage id-card.

Someone from that collage can also check recent year books to ID these girls.

- All the best

id said...

The Girl on the bottom right of queens073 looks like it could be DoubleJen:


queens223: The USDOT has a stretch SUV?! Well, there's a number on the vehicle. Perhaps that could be tracked with the creation date of the original photo.

Anonymous said...

Holy hotties Batman!

Machine Wizard said...

WOW! There's not an ugly one in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

That last picture, the girl on the left, I know her but for the life of me cannot remember her name and therefore have no way of contacting her, all I know is that she was crowned Miss Polonia of I believe Maspeth but I could be wrong,I remember specifically that she was from queens. This comment doesnt really help, if I ever cross paths with her again I will be sure to tell her about this site

Anonymous said...

i know the girl whos camera this is her name is Tina Maria ..I went to highschool with her I will try to contact her about this.

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