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Date: February 10, 2008 8:14:13 PM
To: orphanpictures@gmail.com
Subject: My Memory Card


My friend Charlie just called me and asked if I lost a memory card because some pictures of us are posted on this website. I did, about three years ago when I was running to catch a train home after class at Drexel. I figured it was lost, which sucked since there were pictures of our study abroad in England. Thanks for posting these!


You're welcome Nancy. Your pictures will be home to you shortly. Please consider sharing a follow-up story with us when you get them back into your hands.


We just found this picture CD in a "Nancy Drew" computer game box that we purchased at a thrift store in Marysville, WA. It's dated 8/26/05 and is full of shower pics as well as the rehearsal dinner and pictures after the wedding.

Three Hills looks to be in Alberta, Canada. Kind of a long way away from Marysville, WA where this disk was found!


(Picture from PostSecret posted on Sunday February 3, 2008)

Do you recognize any of these people? Each one of these lost photos came from a found camera or memory stick. Check back again for more pictures.

Tell your friends about this site and let's all try to return some of these lost pictures home.


256MB Memory stick ProDuo card found in Vancouver - there are around 100 pictures dated mostly April 2007.


"Found in Kimberley, BC the week of December 26 to December 31, 2007."

Look familiar? Contact us if you can help.


"Yellow disposable camera found at Lollapalooza this past summer in Grant Park in Chicago, somewhere between the MySpace stage and the Citi stage. I'm pretty sure it was on the last day of the festival, so that would make it around August 5."

(These are photos from the same roll that was used as the inspiring secret submitted to PostSecret)


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Sent: February 6, 2008 9:41:26 AM
To: orphanpictures@gmail.com

I was living in a shared house a while ago and found a suitcase of photos that was due to be thrown out as no one knew whos
it was. I rescued it and held onto it for a year, then decided to post some scans on the net. In about 12 hours I had someone call me and tell me they knew the person in the photos and at about 8pm the same day I handed over the box of photos.

20 years on, and I managed to find the owner in half a day.



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Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 16:02:04 -0500
To: orphanpictures@gmail.com
Subject: the memory card found in Chicago is my boyfriends

The memory card found in Chicago's union station is my boyfriend's. However, the grand prix is mine. The license plate number is either [confirmed!]. . . I'm not really sure how this website works but please email me back how we can get the memory card returned.

Thank you so much.


You are welcome Trish. Your pictures are on their way home to you. Please consider making a YouTube video about this when you get them so we can share it with everyone.


Thank you:

To everyone who has submitted in lost photos that they have found; everyone who has emailed and shared their lost camera stories; and everyone who has passed this website along to their friends and have made it a place to frequent. It is because of your help that this project is a success. Thank you for your continued and overwhelming support!

We continue to look forward to your submissions and your stories, and hope that one day, if you have lost a camera, that we are able to help return your memories back to you.

All the best,

Matt and Frank


Looks like they are at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC.
Possibly students from Winthrop University.

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"It looks like they had almost as much fun as we did."

The Royal Ontario Museum - Toronto, ON


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Sent: February 4, 2008 1:19:15 PM
To: orphanpictures@gmail.com

I found a camera once in a taxi cab and posted the pictures on Flickr.

My friend then posted about it on The Stranger Blog (the blog is part of The Stranger, Seattle's local daily newspaper).

A friend of the camera's owner saw the posting and had him contact my friend. We all met up and had drinks together, and I got to return the camera to its owner!



All pictures are time stamped from the end of 2005.
Nice wedding, college football and golf. The game pictured is an Ohio State Buckeyes game of some sort. Did some digging online and found out the camera is a Sony CyberShot U. It had a 128 MB Memory Stick in it.

Look familiar? Contact us if you can help.


I found this 2gig memory card in Chicago's Union Station with over 400pictures on it, and a few movies. This was on January 18th. I have a license plate number from one photo, a Michigan plate, for a white GrandPrix.


I found the camera in Sacramento.
About 25 pictures on the memory card.

Look familiar? If these are your lost photos, please contact me


About a year ago I found a USB flash drive in a hotel room in Coopersburg, PA. These are fun pictures. If they were mine I would certainly want them back.

Look familiar? Email us so we can help get your memories back to you!


I found a CompactFlash memory card a few years ago in West Philadelphia between Drexel University and Amtrak's 30th Street Station. For the longest time I couldn't access it and had no idea what might be on it, until my uncle randomly gave me a multi-format card reader for Christmas and I finally got to look at them. It seems to be from a vacation in London.

Look familiar? Email us so we can help get your memories back to you!


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Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 07:58:25 -0800
To: orphanpictures@gmail.com

About 15 years ago, when I was away at school, my parents' house was broken into. When my parents & brother arrived home, my brother had a look around the property and found a roll of film lying on the ground next to the house. Curious, he got the film developed. All photos of a typical life, a child's birthday party, badly framed pictures of average people, but they were evocative for my brother and I. We imagined that it was the thief's own film, that we were seeing into his world and it humanized him, made him a little sad, even. Of course it's more likely that the film came from another house he'd broken into and he'd discarded the roll along the way, but we liked our version of the story better... I held onto the photos for many years, thinking that they'd make a good jumping-off place for a creative writing exercise, but eventually after bringing them along with me on several moves and never using them, I finally threw them away last year. I wish your site had existed before I got rid of them! It would have been interesting to post the photos without the story - and see if they belonged to a neighbour or the thief...

- Kim